How to write

UG Casper content structure  


Dear writer, welcome to UG Casper that will provide you with a golden chance to share your content on one of 7awi’s websites where millions of people, who trust 7awi, can reach it! 7awi earned the reader’s trust by sharing high-quality content with useful information that answers their questions. Find out the things to consider when writing an article through UG Casper and the cases where the article will be rejected.   

What are 7awi’s website?  

Your article will be published on one of these websites depending on the topic: 

Thing to consider when posting an article through UG Casper 

  • Avoid duplicate content.  
  • Use the Essay format to build the article structure. 
  • Make sure to add headers. 
  • Use simple words.  
  • content must be accurate, clear, and grammatically correct. 
  • Choose trending topics and you can get help from google and social media groups.   

Cases your article will be rejected 

Find out the cases where 7awi’s team won’t accept your article:  

  • Plagiarism. 
  • Content with unclear sentences and full of grammatical mistakes.  
  • Duplicate content.